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Residential Solar


We offer complete residential solar solutions. The big electric companies don't want you to know that most homeowners can simply switch from buying expensive power from them at ever increasing prices, to simply producing their own clean and free power from the sun, all without any upfront costs.

Commercial Solar


Businesses and apartment complexes are by far the fastest growing segment of this market as they are finally figuring out that by diverting the same money they currently have to spend on crazy out of control demand charges and time of use rates, they can pay off a solar energy system instead. Add to that the tax incentives and depreciation opportunities and going solar becomes a no brainer! 

Energy Storage Systems


The California PUC has decided that for  all customers of the big 3 investor-owned utilities, time of use rate plans will become mandatory by 2019. Under these plans, not only are you charged for how much power you use, but also what time of day you use it. Adding an energy storage system (ESS) allows homeowners and business to charge their batteries with the free power from the sun and discharge them after the sun goes down when the utilities are now charging the highest rates.