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Why Suntelligent?

Every company will tell you they are the best. Some of them pay huge sums of money "acquiring" new customers to pay for their high overhead, advertising, and salaries. Many use inferior panels and equipment in order to cut corners and improve their profitability. They endlessly cold call you and your neighbors or barrage you with direct mail or marketing techniques or junk email advertisements that you can't escape in order to keep feeding their corporate engines. As these companies get bigger, customers get smaller and less important until they simply become numbers on a spreadsheet and eventually lost and forgotten. 

In 2016, we envisioned a better way to promote the adoption of solar power. Project Solar Home (now Suntelligent) is an energy  consulting company. We negotiated directly with some of the most respected solar developers in CA and match our customers with the best installers for them, based on their unique needs. This eliminates wasting hours on researching and comparing prices and  guessing whether you can trust that these companies will deliver on their promises. The companies Suntelligent partners with have all been hand selected, independently vetted, and come with outstanding recommendations and referrals. 

Suntelligent is powered by the belief that if each of us makes just this small change to generating our own power, future generations will still be able to experience the same quality of life that we enjoy today. 


About Us

Experience You Can Count On

Suntelligent was founded by Alan Fleishman, who began his career by knocking on doors in 2009 for a start up solar company. After spending hours with every homeowner that would let him in, he listened and learned that there was a lot of pain out there from families tired of feeling helpless as their electricity bills kept going up out of their control. 

Eventually, Alan was running two of the company's largest offices in Los Angeles and San Diego where he mentored and trained 100's of others to become passionate advocates for a transition to clean solar power. He later went on to become President of one of the premier solar companies in San Diego. Through a combination of leases, loans, and various other financial arrangements, Alan has facilitated the placement of well over 5000 residential installations of state of the art solar electric systems that are now offsetting millions of tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere all over California and providing families clean, renewable electricity for years to come. 

At Suntelligent, our mission is to make switching to solar a simple and stress free experience.

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